The McDonough Roofer You Can Trust Unconditionally... Guaranteed.

Our Unique Business Model Removes ALL The Usual Risk & Worry Of Hiring A Roofer.

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Welcome To Stress-Free Roofing…

Let’s face it: There are hundreds of roofers out there. Some are good. Some are average. And some… aren’t so great.

The problem is that it can be hard to tell them apart when you’re getting quotes. After all, every roofer will tell you they do great work, provide the best price, and use the most premium materials.

What does that mean for YOU? That hiring a roofer is like playing the lottery. You could win big… or lose big.

That won’t happen when you choose Stress-Free Roofing. We’re the McDonough area’s roofer that you can bank on.

Like other roofers, we also say we provide excellent workmanship, products, and prices. The difference is that we back up our bold claims with Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees. Six of them, to be exact.

These Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees are our ironclad assurance to you that we “walk the talk.” They are our unwavering promise to you that we’ll do what we say. They’re YOUR way of holding our feet to the fire to ensure you have an amazing project experience from start to finish.

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Our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees

$0.00 Down Guarantee: We guarantee to replace your roof to your satisfaction. How? Because we don’t accept a dime of your money until YOU sign off on the project.

Price-Lock Guarantee: Worried that the actual price you’ll pay will be higher than what you were quoted? With our Price-Lock Guarantee, our quotes include the installation, labor, haul away, dumpster, clean up, and materials. Bottom line: It’s EVERYTHING needed to complete the job. If we’re short anywhere, we pay the extra cost—not you.

“Oops-Proof” Protection Guarantee: We are absolutely meticulous about protecting your property while we work. The odds are minuscule that we’ll damage something. But if we do? We foot the entire bill to fix it.

Anniversary Inspection Guarantee: It’s important to regularly inspect your roof to ensure it remains in top shape. That’s exactly what we do. For the first five years after replacement, we inspect your roof once per year. After that, we do it once every five years. All for FREE.

On-Time Finish Guarantee: How many roofing projects go over the expected deadline? Too many. We’ve eliminated this problem with our On-Time Finish Guarantee. We’re such sticklers for deadlines that we give you $200 for every day we work past the promised completion date. Bottom line—if your project has a delay, we pay!

Money-Back Guarantee: If your roof ever experiences an installation issue we can’t correct, we’ll refund your money. This is your ultimate line of defense against anything ever going wrong due to workmanship.

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Our Core Values

But it’s not just our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees that makes us a roofer you can trust. We’ve built this business from the ground up based on a set of stringent, customer-forward Core Values.

These Core Values are our unwavering principles we adhere to AT ALL TIMES. They are the foundation of our company… and the backbone of everything we do and stand for. And they are part of what ensures YOU a great experience.


We put ourselves in your shoes. We know you might be a little stressed about hiring a roofer, so we look at things from YOUR perspective. As a result, we treat you with total kindness, respect, and consideration.


We’re the kind of company that’s honest to a fault. We provide 100% candid answers and always do what’s in your best interest… even if it’s not what’s best for our bottom line. Open-book honesty is our specialty.


We keep clear lines of communication with you at ALL times. You’re in the loop from start to finish.

When you call us, we either pick up immediately or call you back as soon as humanly possible. You’ll never wonder where we’re at, where your project stands, or whether we’ll return your voicemail. At Stress-Free Roofing, crystal-clear client communication is NON-NEGOTIABLE.


Corner-cutting and sloppy installation are BANNED at Stress-Free Roofing.

We carefully consider every installation detail of your roofing project—no exceptions. To make certain of that, the craftsmen who work on your roof are all extensively experienced, ultra-talented, and exceptionally passionate.


We may not be the cheapest roofer in the McDonough area, but we strive to provide the best VALUE. That means utilizing the roofing industry’s best products and materials—no exceptions.

It’s why we install residential asphalt roofing by CertainTeed. Is CertainTeed the cheapest roofing brand out there? No. Does it provide the most bang for your buck? With industry-leading warranties, cutting-edge manufacturing, and premium components, the answer is a resounding YES.


We always strive to do everything right… but nobody is perfect. In the rare instance we do make a mistake, we don’t rest until we’ve made things right. Zero excuses. Zero finger-pointing. Period.

For Roofing That’s TRULY Stress-Free, Get In Touch

If you want roof replacement or repair in the McDonough area without the usual hassles and stress, contact us today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you.