Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

You’re home relaxing and enjoying your time with family or just yourself until a spot a (brown thing) on the ceiling. Yes, this is the thing all homeowners dread when owning a home, a leaking roof. Water will eventually cause a leak and you’ll run to find the nearest bucket or pan to catch it. Now maybe it’s time to put that homeowner’s insurance to use.

Roof leaks can be costly depending on how severe the damage is. You may need either a roof replacement or roof repair. 

Not sure about which one to go with?

Read this blog to figure out what service is best for you.

If you’re wondering whether your homeowner’s insurance will cover the roof leaks or any damages caused by them, this article will help you determine that.

How Your Insurance View Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are at the top of the list of homeowner’s insurance claims and to get straight to the point, not all insurance claims are valid or paid out for the homeowner. All homeowner’s insurance is different so not all insurance companies pay out to the same degree. Your insurance will cover the cost of your roof leak as long as the root cause of the leak is included in your insurance policy’s “Open Peril” list.

Most insurance companies won’t reimburse the repairs if the leak was caused by natural wear or tear. Let’s be honest, homeowners don’t know how to care for their roofs. Some think that when problems or damages occur, your insurance will cover the cost to fix them, but that isn’t always the case.

This is why we encourage you to get an annual roof inspection.

What Insurance Will Typically Cover

The specifics of your homeowner’s insurance policy and the local environment will determine the types of roof leaks that insurance companies cover. 

Insurance companies will and won’t cover certain risks, or causes of loss. Below is a list of risks that are typically covered by homeowner’s insurance policies: 

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Explosions
  • Hail/Windstorms
  • Lightning
  • Falling Objects
  • Weight of snow/ice
  • Any Damage due to sudden discharge of water/steam
  • And more…

Check out your insurance policy to figure out what’s covered.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that even if your home’s insurance covers roof repairs or full roof replacements, you might still be required to pay a deductible, which is the sum you must pay out of pocket before your insurance provider begins to help.

Homeowner’s insurance deductibles typically range from $500 to $5000, therefore making a claim with your insurance company would be pointless if the cost of repair is less than your deductible because they won’t be paying any money to cover your roof leak expenditures.

What Your Insurance Won't Cover

Roofs often develop cracks and leaks over time. Most insurance companies exclude general roof wear and tear from coverage. 

That said, some other hazards and perils can be excluded from homeowners insurance which are:

  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Landslides/mudslides
  • Infestation of insects and animals
  • War/Government action
  • Rust/Corrosion

Most insurance companies do not cover roof leaks brought on by inappropriate ownership or a lack of maintenance because it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and take care of their roof and home. 

Inadvertently neglecting their roof for many years, homeowners frequently believe their insurance provider will take care of any damage without issue. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t operate in this way.

A professional roof inspection should be performed every few years to assess the condition of your roof. Regular cleaning of the gutter  is also necessary to avoid major problems such as minor repairs and routine maintenance

So What's Next?

Although rewarding, house ownership can be challenging. Maintaining the condition of your roof is one of the most important aspects of house maintenance. 

It is advised that you perform routine roof inspections as a responsible homeowner to prevent wear and tear and to establish a timeline and documentation trail of your roof’s condition so you can demonstrate that any issues that arise were not present before.

Roof leaks can be a major problem if left unattended. You may not need to claim a minor leak, especially if the repair volume is less than the excess. However, if the covered danger or danger causes the roof to leak and you cannot afford to repair it from your pocket, it is best to claim insurance. 

You do not have to make these decisions yourself or control this process yourself. Contact us now for a free roof inspection, we help manage the entire process.

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