The Time We Did Roof Replacement In Riverdale… With A Side Of Yardwork

We Spent All Day Picking Up Wood Chips In Her Yard At No Additional Cost.

We love helping people—even if it’s not profitable or in our wheelhouse. Doing the right thing is simply hardwired in our company DNA.

Case in point…

We once replaced a roof for a woman in Riverdale, GA. Before calling us for a new roof, she had a tree-removal company remove two (you guessed it) trees from her yard.

The problem? The company’s quote didn’t include cleanup.

So when the company hauled away the woman’s trees, they left HUNDREDS of wood chips scattered across her yard.

The woman lived alone and didn’t have a way to dispose of the wood chips. So when we came to replace her roof, she asked us if we would do it. We saw she was in a pickle, so we were happy to oblige.

We agreed to clean up the wood chips after we completed the roof replacement. We already had a dumpster there for the roofing job, so throwing away the wood chips wouldn’t be much trouble.

And Then We Dropped The Ball…

Wires got crossed somewhere in our company line of communication. Because after our crew completed the roof installation, they left without disposing of the wood chips.


Here was a homeowner who had a beautiful new roof to show off—and a yard littered with tree debris.

Could we have left her yard the way it was? Sure. We’d replaced her roof, so our “official” (i.e., paying) job was done.

But we couldn’t leave things the way they were. We’re the kind of company that honors its promises—period. When we say we’ll do something, we absolutely mean it.

Better Late Than Never!

When Stress-Free Roofing owner Arodi Vela came to the woman’s home for a final walkthrough, he noticed the wood chips were still there.

So Arodi did what Arodi does best: Help people.

The dumpster from the roofing job was still in the woman’s driveway. So Arodi got to work…

Trailed filled with mulch and wood chips in front of home with new roof
All the wood chips owner Arodi picked up in the homeowner’s yard.
(Click to enlarge!)

It took Arodi an entire day of tedious work in 90-degree heat. But it was worth it.

The customer was extremely grateful. Not just for the fact that Arodi cleaned up the wood chips, but because he kept his word.

Bottom Line: We’re A Riverdale-Area Roofer That Cares

We’re the kind of roofing contractor that has no problem doing “extracurricular” work most companies would turn their nose up at.

It’s why you’ll constantly see us doing small tasks or chores for those who need it—whether it’s changing a lightbulb, hauling trash to the curb, or getting the mail.

Performing these odd jobs may not pay the bills. But we’re happy to do them because we genuinely care about our customers.

For proof of that, look no further than our 6 Peace Of Mind Guarantees. We’ve eliminated everything about roof replacement that stresses homeowners out.

Pricing games? Gone.

Down payments? Gone.

Missed deadlines? Gone.

Shoddy workmanship? Gone.

So if you’re looking for a roofer serving Riverdale that puts YOUR best interests first, get in touch today. We would be honored to hear from you.

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