When Would a Roof Replacement Be a Better Option Than Repair?

Wesley Taing

Wesley Taing

When your roof shows any signs of age or damage, it can be confusing to know whether a roof replacement or roof repair would be right for you. A reliable roofing contractor like us can help you decide which option is best for you and your home!

When to Get a Roof Repair

Most homeowners typically choose to go with a roof repair when there is minor or moderate damage. Roof Repairs are cheaper than a Roof Replacement since only a portion of the roof is being worked on which means the damages can be repaired quickly and easily. Any minor damages, a repair is the best route to go, it’s simple and inexpensive compared to a Roof Replacement. 

One downside of this is that trying to color match the shingles so that the repaired area can blend seamlessly with the previous shingles installed. You can always ask your roofing contractor to match the color of your previous shingles to your newly installed shingles as close as possible.

Remember to get your roof replaced by a trustworthy roofer and don’t replace it yourself as this could lead to more problems such as poor installation or leaks. Stress Free Roofing is here to help if you need us!

When to Get a Roof Replacement

Unlike a roof repair, when choosing to do a roof replacement, you are essentially replacing the entire roof meaning any visible area on top of your home. This process requires you to remove and strip off any old or damaged roofing material exposing the roof deck to install the new roof. 

Yes, a roof replacement is more expensive than a repair but your roof is an investment, and paying for a new durable roof is better than constantly repairing sections of your roof. Each patch would be on a different shingle lifetime and eventually, you will need to replace it especially if it’s damaged or allowing water to leak into your home. Depending on your situation, a roof replacement may save you more money in the long run.

If your roof was damaged by any severe weather, including hail, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or strong winds, you’ll want to get your insurance involved as this will determine whether you get your roof repaired or replaced.

Here are some signs you should consider when deciding to get your roof replaced:


How to Decide Between a Roof Replacement or Roof Repair

So which service should you choose, a Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

There are many factors you should consider when deciding this such as:

  • How old is my roof?
  • How long do I plan on staying in my home?
  • What is my budget for a roof replacement?

If your roof has minor or moderate damage a roof repair is the way to go. If your shingles aren’t completely damaged, old, or causing a major leak into your home, this is the best way to go and you’ll save money. It’s a quick and easy solution for a minor problem but don’t use a Roof Repair to hold yourself off from replacing your roof if it’s damaged because it could do more harm than good.

If your roof is old, missing shingles, has any moss, algae growth, or leaks, it’s time you need a new roof but don’t feel bummed out! A new roof will be the best investment you’ll give to your home. You won’t have to worry about your roof again for years, the curbside appeal of your home will definitely stand out, and the value of your home will also go up.. so that’s a Win, Win,WIN! This option will save you more money in the long run.

You should always do your research before making a decision, try to get multiple decisions but make sure that the price and quality of work match because it’ll all be worth it in the end. 

If you’re local to Atlanta, don’t hesitate to contact us! We provide Free Roof Inspections, so if you’re interested feel free to reach out so we can help you with your roofing needs!

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