Stress-Free Roofing FAQ

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Q: Why Choose Stress-Free Roofing?

A: We’re the remodeling company in Georgia that ensures stress-free, worry-free, regret-free replacement. We do this through our top-notch workmanship, industry-leading products, and unrivaled Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees.

What’s more—we just plain love helping people! We’re the kind of company that pours total passion into each and every project. We don’t just do the job right… we LOVE to do the job right.

Q: What, Exactly, Are Your Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees?

A: A set of six ironclad promises to you that we’ll deliver a high-quality experience from beginning to end… and beyond. Explore our Peace Of Mind Guarantees in detail:

  • $0.00 Down: Unlike other contractors, we have options that require NO MONEY DOWN to get started.
  • Price Lock: The price we quote is for a COMPLETE job. If it costs more, we pay the overage.
  • “Oops-Proof” Protection: If we damage anything on your property, we foot the entire bill.
  • On-Time Finish: If we don’t finish on the day we promised, we’ll hand you $200 for each additional day we work.
  • Anniversary Inspection: We’ll inspect your project annually for the first three years, and once every five years after that. For free. For life.
  • Money Back: If there is a problem with the installation that we can’t fix, we’ll refund all of your money.

Q: What Services Do You Provide?

A: We provide the following services…

Q: What Does Your Home Improvement Project Cost?

A: We’re not the cheapest, because we do things right.  We focus on providing the highest value at competitive rates. Our prices align with what it takes to do the job 100% right the first time. No more. No less.

Simply put, we’re the remodeling company that can provide you with the most value for your money. We also offer excellent financing plans that can fit comfortably within your monthly budget.

Q: Why Do You Use CertainTeed, James Hardie And Softlite Materials?

A: They are the perfect storm of performance, beauty, and true value. You won’t find more premium or efficient brands on the market—period.

We’d know: Before choosing our product partners, we exhaustively researched all the major asphalt roofing, fiber cement and vinyl window manufacturers on the market.  We use our manufactures because they are the best in the industry, hands down.

Q: Do You Help With Insurance Claims?

A: Yes! We can perform a thorough damage assessment of your home for your insurance claim. We can also help you navigate the claim process to get the most you can. For details, visit our Insurance Claims page.

Q: What Areas Do You Serve?

A: We service McDonough and the surrounding areas. Included in our service areas are…

  • Atlanta and every county within 50 square miles of the city

If you’d like to know if we work in your city or town, get in touch!

Q: Are You High Pressure?

A: Stress. Free.  It’s our brand because we believe in it’s message, to give a stress free experience to our customers.

Our goal is to educate… NOT to sell. We provide an ironclad price, our expert recommendation, and then step back and let you decide whether to proceed.

If you choose to move forward with us, great! If not, that’s okay too. All that matters is what YOU want.

Q: Do I Need Roof Replacement Or Repair?

A: Our Roof Repair Vs. Replace page can give you a general idea, but the best way to know is through a professional inspection.

We provide free inspections that are comprehensive and uncover all problems. We take photos of our findings and review them with you in detail so you know exactly what’s wrong. After that, we recommend the best solution and then let you decide how to proceed.

Q: Who Performs The Installation & Repairs?

A: Our trusted crew of expert, certified, and skilled craftsmen. Our installers have tremendous amounts of experience (some with more than 20 years!) and know exactly what it takes to do the job right, every time.

What’s more, our installers are also courteous, approachable individuals who RESPECT your home. They bend over backward to make sure you have a comfortable, zero-stress project experience.