Our Stress Free Guarantees

These Are 6 Guarantees To Provide A Stress-Free Experience From Start To Finish… And Beyond.

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We’ve Brought Reliability Back To Remodeling

We’ve developed a set of six special Guarantees to ensure you the easiest and highest-quality remodeling experience you could ask for.

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$0.00 Down Guarantee

Most companies require as much as 1/2 down just to get started. Not us! We make it easy with no money down financing options, so you don’t pay a dime until the project is done… and done to YOUR satisfaction.

Price Lock Guarantee

What we quote is what you pay—period. Everything needed to complete the job is covered.

“Oops-Proof” Protection Guarantee

We go to great lengths to protect your property while we work. But on the very rare chance we damage anything, we foot the bill. No questions asked.

Anniversary Guarantee

When we replace your roof, windows or siding, we provide free yearly inspections—FOR LIFE. We ensure our products are performing as promised so you never have to worry again.

On-Time Finish Guarantee

We’re sticklers for deadlines. So if we don’t complete your project when we promised, we’ll pay you $200 for every extra day we work.

Money-Back Guarantee

If your remodeling project experiences an installation-related issue we can’t fix, we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase. It’s only right!