Anniversary Inspection Guarantee

We Inspect Your Roof For FREE For The Life Of The Shingles.

Construction Worker Inspecting Aged Roof and Insulation Material

What Stresses Homeowners Out: Minor Roofing Issues Becoming BIG Problems

Major roofing issues typically start as small problems. What may be a simple $10 fix today could turn into a $2,000+ problem by next year!

This is why it’s critical to get your roof inspected regularly. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When you choose us for your McDonough-area roof replacement, you get that “ounce of prevention.” And you get it for LIFE.


Because all of our roof replacement jobs come with an Anniversary Inspection Guarantee. We inspect your roof on a continual basis—for free, for the life of your roof.

How Our Anniversary Inspection Guarantee Eliminates Stress

For the first five years after your roof replacement, we’ll inspect your roof once a year. Following the fifth year, we’ll come back once every five years for the life of the project’s warranty.

If we find any issues, we photo-document our findings and share them with you. We then recommend the proper course of action to fix the problem.

Our Anniversary Inspections uncovers any and all issues, no matter the cause.

If we find a product issue…

We handle the warranty process for you. We ensure you get the proper materials and that your problem is fixed as efficiently as possible.

If we find an installation issue…

It’s covered under our Labor Warranty, so we fix it for free. No prorating. No trip charges. No hidden loopholes. That’s a promise.

If we find an insurance issue…

We can help you through the entire claim process. We’ll perform a meticulous damage inspection to carefully verify and document the issues. We can then assist you through the remaining steps to ensure a smooth insurance-claim experience.

If we find normal wear and tear…

We’ll assess the problem, take photos to show you exactly what’s wrong, and then provide a no-nonsense quote to fix the issue. Whether you want to move forward with the work is completely up to YOU.

Anniversary Inspection Guarantee FAQs

Q: “How Long Will You Perform The Anniversary Inspections?”

A: For the first five years after your roof replacement, we’ll perform the inspection once per year. Following the fifth year, we’ll come back once every five years for the life of the project warranty.

Q: “When Do You Perform The Anniversary Inspection?”

A: Typically, within a week or two of the date or your project’s completion-date anniversary.

If we replaced your roof on 9/20/20, we’ll perform your first Anniversary Inspection sometime around 9/20/21. Subsequent Anniversary Inspections would also take place around this 9/20 date.

The exact date is whatever suits your schedule. We’ll notify you of your upcoming Anniversary Inspection well in advance so you can determine the best day for us to come out.

Q: “Why Do You Take Pictures During Your Anniversary Roof Inspections?”

A: So we can show you actual evidence of any problems. Photos can also help you prove damages when filing an insurance claim.

Q: “Wait… Is This Just A Way For You To Make Easy Money By ‘Finding Problems’”?

A: NO. WAY. We perform the Anniversary Inspection because we honestly care about our customers. There is no underlying motive to make a quick buck. (Honestly, small roof repairs aren’t exactly big money makers!)

And remember: We take photos of any issues we find and show them to you. You get visual proof of the problem, and the decision to move forward is 100% up to you.

Q: “Do I Have To Partake In The Anniversary Inspection?”

A: No. You are under zero obligation to use your Anniversary Inspection Guarantee. We strongly recommend it, however. After all, it’s free!

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