Money-Back Guarantee

If Your New Roof Has An Installation Problem We Can’t Fix, We Refund Your Money. Every. Single. Cent.

What Stresses Homeowners Out: Unfixable Installation Issues

When it comes to remodeling projects, labor warranties are the best way to protect your investment. Your new product experiences an installation issue, your contractor fixes the issue. Simple.

But what if your contractor can’t fix it? What if something during installation was botched so badly that no amount of warranty coverage can save your project?

It’s rare… but it can happen.

And if it happens to YOU, your only options are to pay for repairs or—even worse—full-blown replacement. Again.

This is the difference between hiring a contractor and working with a remodeling partner – we provide you with the ULTIMATE contingency plan that contractors just won’t do…

If your new project EVER experiences an installation-related issue that we can’t resolve, we refund your ENTIRE purchase.

Every. Last. Dime.

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How Our Money-Back Guarantee Eliminates Stress

It doesn’t matter if the problem occurs a year from now or 20 years from now.

It doesn’t matter if the problem costs $10 or $10,000.

If it’s a labor issue we can’t take care of, we return your money. End of story.

Let’s make one thing clear: We’ve never had to put our Money-Back Guarantee into practice.

Our installers are dyed-in-the-wool craftsmen who pour precision and passion into their work. Our Warranties are ultra-comprehensive. And our insistence on pure quality eliminates any chance of an unfixable problem from occurring. 

Simply put—we just don’t make “unfixable” mistakes. But still… isn’t it nice to know 100% of your investment is protected anyway?

Money-Back Guarantee FAQs

Q: “What Do You Mean By ‘A Problem We Can’t Fix’?”

A: Any problem caused by installation that we can’t resolve for you. In this case, we refund 100% of your purchase.

(If it’s a product-related problem, we go through the manufacturer warranty to replace the faulty product.)

Q: “Isn’t Offering A Money Back Guarantee Risky For You?”

A: Not at all! The truth is that our installation is top-notch; we get VERY few calls to come back and fix anything.

On the rare occasion there is a problem, we’re always able to make things right. And if we somehow can’t, you get your money back!

Q: “How Can You Tell If The Issue Was Caused By A Product Or An Installation Defect?”

A: We’re a remodeling company with a vast amount of experience. When we examine an issue, we can easily determine the root cause.

After we inspect the issue, we review our findings with you. We show you pictures of the problem and explain what’s causing the trouble. This way, you get visible proof of the problem and what’s triggering it.

Q: “How Long Is This Money-Back Guarantee In Effect?”

A: For as long as the Labor Warranty lasts OR if you replace your product again. We match our Labor Warranty to our manufacturer’s materials warranty. That means if you choose warranty coverage that lasts 50 years, the Money-Back Guarantee will also last 50 years.

Q: “How Often Do ‘Non-Fixable’ Problems Actually Occur?”

A: Honesty? Never!

We’ve never had to put our Money-Back Guarantee into practice. We created simply as your ultimate “Last Line Of Defense” in the extraordinarily rare instance we can’t fix the problem.

Bottom line: There is a 99.999% chance you’ll never need our Money-Back Guarantee. But isn’t it nice to know it’s there?

Q: “Is The Guarantee Still Good If I Void The Product’s Warranty?”

A: Voiding the terms of the material and/or labor warranty will nullify the Money-Back Guarantee.

Examples of things that may void your product’s warranty:

  • Puncturing your roof/siding to install a satellite dish or an antenna (consult with us before doing this)
  • Pressure-washing your shingles/windows or siding without using the proper processes
  • Installing new shingles/siding over old ones
  • Poor attic ventilation
  • Replacing parts of your products from brands that aren’t covered under the warranty

Q: “Any Other Stipulations I Should Be Aware Of?”

A: There are some exceptions to what the Money-Back Guarantee covers. What the guarantee does not cover includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Weather-related damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage due to the age of the product
  • Damage caused by other companies
  • Damage due to homeowner negligence

For comprehensive information about what is and what is not covered, get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss all the details with you.

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