On-Time Finish Guarantee

If We Work Past The Promised Completion Date,
We Give You $200 For Each Additional Day!

Man with clipboard at construction site, inspector. Holding money.

What Stresses Homeowners Out: Delays & Roofers Going M.I.A.

A big issue that homeowners have with roofers? Jobs dragging on and on well after they should’ve been done.

Even worse?

When a roofer starts the work… only to pull a “Houdini” and suddenly stop showing up one day. It happens with frightening frequency; just a simple Google search pulls up all sorts of horror stories.

At Stress-Free Roofing, we don’t play these games.

We GUARANTEE to replace your roof on time… or we give you cold, hard cash.

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How Our On-Time Finish Guarantee Eliminates Stress

Hunting down your roofer to finish their job shouldn’t be your job. That’s why we’ve created the On-Time Finish Guarantee. How it works is very, very simple:
  1. Before we start the job, we set a specific day for completion
  2. If we go over that promised completion date, we give you $200 for every extra day we work.
If we promise we’ll complete your job by May 15th and end up taking until the 16th, you get $200. If we take until the 17th, you get $400. It’s that simple. The truth is that we’re obsessive sticklers about deadlines. We hit the promised completion date 99.9% of the time. But isn’t it nice to know you’ve got an “insurance policy” in case we do get a little behind?
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Bonus: Punctuality Promise

In addition to our On-Time Finish Guarantee, we also have the Punctuality Promise. If we show up even one minute late without first notifying you, we give you a $25 Visa gift card on the spot!

It’s just one more way we provide peace of mind that we get things done ON TIME.

On-Time Finish Guarantee FAQs

Q: How Are You So Confident You Can Complete My Job On Time?

A: Because we’re just plain good at what we do! Our streamlined scheduling process, efficient installers, and sense of urgency ensure we complete your roofing project on the promised date.

And on the very rare chance we don’t, we say “sorry”… with cold, hard cash.

Q: Do Delays From Bad Weather Count Toward The Guarantee?

A: No. Only circumstances under our control apply to the guarantee.

So if something like a heavy storm prevents us from working for a day or two, those extra days will not count toward the guarantee. Instead, they will extend your promised completion date by those two days.

Q: How Do You Issue The $200?

A: By putting the money in your hand first thing when we arrive. It’s that simple.

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