“Oops-Proof” Protection Guarantee

If We Damage Anything, We Foot The Bill To Fix It. Period.

Worker installing house roof rain gutter system

What Stresses Homeowners Out: Careless Contractors

Let’s face it: Remodeling can get messy… especially when you’re dealing with a sloppy or careless contractor.

These contractors won’t take the time to protect your property before they start work. They’ll simply start tearing into the project and throwing stuff everywhere… with zero regard for your lawn, plants, possessions, or home.

Sure, maybe they lay down a small tarp directly under where they’re working. But it’s usually not enough to catch even 50% of the debris that comes from your project.

For proof, just do a quick Google search. You can find all kinds of online homeowner reviews discussing how their contractor smashed a plant, scratched some siding, or broke a window.

To make matters worse? When a contractor does damage your property, their M.O. is to shrug their shoulders and say, “Don’t blame us. It was like that when we got here!” That leaves YOU to foot the bill.

At Stress-Free Remodeling, we refuse to play the “Don’t Blame Me!” game.

We go to painstaking lengths to protect your property. And in the very rare instance we do damage anything? We foot the entire bill to repair or replace it.

No finger-pointing. No excuses. Period.

Worker Picking Up Pile of Debris on Cement with Brush and Dust Pan.

How Our “Oops-Proof” Protection Guarantee Eliminates Stress

You won’t have to worry about damaged property—it’s that simple. We protect anything and everything in the potential path of our work zone. Here’s how…

  • We move all delicate items that are able to be moved
  • We lay appropriately sized protective tarps over the lawn and all plants
  • We place plywood barriers in front of windows, siding, and doors beneath the work area
  • We practice careful, considered, and clean tear-off to keep the mess to the bare minimum

Bottom line: We respect your home like it’s our own, so we bend over backward to protect it.

Still… accidents can happen!

On the 0.001% chance we do damage your property, we pay to repair or replace it to make you whole again. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter what it is or how much it costs. If we mess up, we own up… and pony up.

“Oops-Proof” Protection Guarantee FAQs

Q: “Will You Clean Up Everything When You’re Done Working?”

A: Absolutely. If we move any items, we put them back in their original area. We remove all tarps from your lawn and plants. We take down the barriers we used to protect your windows, siding, and doors. And we perform a meticulous sweep and cleaning of your lawn to pick up any stray nails, debris, and materials.

Aside from your beautiful new home improvement, you’ll never know we were there!

Q: “What If I Notice Property Damage After You Leave?”

A: Give us a call ASAP—we want to make things right as soon as we can! A Stress-Free Remodeling representative will come out and talk to you to determine the cost to fix the damage.

Q: “Is There A Cost Limit To What You’ll Cover?”

A: No. It doesn’t matter if it costs $5 or $500+ to fix. If we damage something, we make you whole again. Period. 

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