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CertainTeed Landmark Shingles on a house roof

Get The Roof Replacement You Deserve.

Let’s face it: Replacing your roof can be stressful.

Not only do you have to find a quality roofing brand… you have to choose a quality roofing contractor to perform the installation.

One without the other? That’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s true! The world’s best roof will perform like junk if it’s poorly installed. Even a brand-new Mercedes will run like a 1978 Ford Pinto if it’s assembled by second-rate workers.

Similarly, the world’s best installers won’t be able to transform a cheap roof into a world-class roof. A five-star chef can’t make filet mignon out of bologna.

Bottom line: To get roof replacement worthy of your dollars, you need the right products and installation contractor. Period.

When you choose Stress-Free Roofing, that’s exactly what you get.

We provide you with the one-two punch you need for first-class roof replacement…

  1. The Best Roofing Products
  2. The Best People To Install Them

In doing so, we’ve removed ALL the worry and second-guessing homeowners like you typically face during roof replacement. You’re ensured pleasant, top-quality roof replacement that’s worthy of your home. If you are interested in starting the roof replacement process with us, please feel free to get in touch with our roofing contractor to schedule a free roof estimate! Our team is proud to serve homeowners across the McDonough, Union City, Stockbridge, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA community.

For proof, let’s take a closer look at the premium roofing materials we install… and why we’re thoroughly qualified to install them on YOUR home.

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CertainTeed Asphalt Roofing Shingles - Roof Replacement

CertainTeed: A Roof Worthy Of Your Home

There are dozens of roofing brands on the market. A few are great. Some are good. Many are average. And some should never touch ANYONE’S home.

With a head-spinning number of choices—and no conceivable notion of how to tell the good from the bad from the ugly—it can be tough to determine the best roof for your home.

That’s why we’ve done your homework for you.

As an independent company, we have the freedom to sell whatever brand of roof we want. So when we first started this company, we scoured the industry to find the best roofing manufacturer.

We had no preconceived notion about what we would find. Our only requirement was to identify the highest performing, best looking, longest lasting roof. Period. 

As you might imagine, our research led us to quality companies like GAF, Owens Corning, and Tamko. It’s true that those companies (and several others) make really nice roofing systems. Yet they all were missing one or two key features that kept them from the “best in class” category.

GAF had some warranty limitations we weren’t big fans of. Owens Corning shingles left a bit to be desired in the durability department. And Tamko roofing didn’t quite have the impact resistance we were hoping for.

Again, these are all really good brands. But they fell just short of “the best.” And finding the best roofing system for our customers was our ONLY mission.

After tons of painstaking research, it was finally MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We pinpointed the absolute best asphalt shingle roof on the market: The CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System®.

CertainTeed roofing checks all the boxes on our wish list… and yours. Gorgeous looks. Rugged durability. Unbeatable warranties. Cutting-edge performance. All for an amazing value.

Premium-Performance Roofing System

An excellent roof is much more than just good-looking shingles. It’s a system of perfectly calibrated components working together to protect your home, boost your energy efficiency, and stand up to the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

That’s exactly what the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System is.

The “secret sauce” to CertainTeed roofing’s unrivaled performance is state-of-the-art materials. When engineering their roof system, CertainTeed poured painstaking attention to detail into every aspect—from the shingles to the decking to the weather barrier.

The result? Powerhouse performance from top to bottom.

Here is a look at how the cutting-edge components of the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System benefit your home…

1. Waterproofing Underlayment

WinterGuard® waterproofing shingle underlayment protects against water penetration in the most vulnerable areas of your roof.

WinterGuard is crafted of a composite material of asphalt polymers that are formed into a rolled sheet. The asphalt ensures the underlayment is vapor-tight, while the polymers add elasticity and adhesion. The result is that it’s able to stretch and seal around nails hammered through it for ZERO gaps.

2. Moisture-Resistant Underlayment

This is an additional line of moisture defense for your roof. Like WinterGuard, water-resistant underlayment aids in preventing wind-driven rain from penetrating your roof and damaging your roof deck.

CertainTeed manufactures several moisture-resistant underlayment. The cream of the crop is DiamondDeck® High Performance Synthetic Underlayment.

DiamondDeck is pure synthetic and scrim-reinforced. It has unrivaled durability when compared to standard felt underlayment, which can wrinkle when it gets wet. Felt underlayment can then “telegraph” those wrinkles through to the shingles on top of it.

With its cutting-edge materials, DiamondDeck removes this issue FOR GOOD.

3. Starter Shingles

Starter shingles add strength and visual consistency to your roof’s main shingles. When high winds are gusting, starter shingles help your roof remain strong.

The issue is that many roofers use cut-up or flipped-over three-tab shingles rather than actual starter shingles. This saves the roofer money… but it decreases YOUR roof’s durability and beauty. When a roofer uses three-tab shingles in this way, it creates weak adhesion and makes your main shingles more vulnerable to blowing off.

At Stress-Free Roofing, we don’t cut corners—period. That’s why we ALWAYS use authentic CertainTeed starter shingles. These starter shingles are custom-designed for CertainTeed’s roofing system. They ensure a 100% clean lock while locking your main shingles into place… even in the strongest winds.

4. Premium Roofing Shingles

CertainTeed manufactures the heaviest and most durable asphalt shingles on the market. They’ve developed several distinct lines of shingle to suit every home and taste.

CertainTeed’s Landmark® Series Roofing Shingle is one of the most impressive architectural shingles on the market. Dual-layered design provides gorgeous depth and dimension. Class A fire-resistance rating provides top protection. And independent certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) proves the Landmark Shingle meets the most rigid manufacturing standards in the industry.

CertainTeed also manufactures several more lines of premium asphalt roofing shingles to meet every homeowner’s style. All CertainTeed shingles are backed with a lifetime-limited warranty, up to 15-year algae-resistance protection, and up to a 130mph wind warranty.

Bottom line: There are no shingles that combine “beauty” and “brawn” like CertainTeed shingles do.

5. Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Hip and ridge cap shingles are designed for two purposes. The first is to prevent leaks and at the hips and ridges of your roof. The second is to add extra depth and dimension.

But just like with starter shingles, some roofers use three-tab shingles in place of authentic hip and ridge cap shingles. Since three-tab shingles aren’t flexible, they may easily crack when applied over hips and ridges. They also have poor adhesive properties, so they may blow off during strong winds.

CertainTeed offers six lines of genuine hip and ridge cap shingles, each specific to the different roofing shingles they offer. No matter which you choose, you get hip and ridge shingles that are ultra-adhesive, protect against leaks, and add the perfect finishing touch to the look of your roof.

6. Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is one of the most important components of a great roof. Unfortunately, it’s also the component roofers tend to ignore or get wrong the most.

Why? Attic ventilation is more complicated than sticking some vents in your roof and attic. Every home is different, so every home has different ventilation needs. If your roofer doesn’t optimize ventilation for YOUR specific home, your attic will get humid. This can lead to rot, mold, and higher temperatures in the rest of your home.

As a CertainTeed ShingleMaster™, we provide the full line of CertainTeed’s wide-ranging ventilation solutions—from ridge vents, rolled ridge vents, intake vents, and more.

Just as important is that we have the knowledge and expertise to determine the exact right ventilation system for YOUR home. We conduct a thorough, science-based attic analysis to ensure a perfectly optimized ventilation solution.

A Look At Your Roofing Shingle Options

Here are brief descriptions of the lines of CertainTeed shingles we install in the McDonough area. For more information about colors and designs, get in touch.

Landmark® Shingles

Landmark shingles feature a dual-layered design that emulates the dimensionality of authentic wood shake. It’s the heaviest shingle in its class, and comes in a large variety of beautiful colors. Finding the perfect look—and protection—for your home is easy with Landmark shingles.

Grand Manor® Shingles

One of the market’s heaviest shingles, Grand Manor is ultra-durable and looks exceptional from every angle. Strategically placed tabs have shadow lines that offer the beautiful depth and dimension of a natural slate roof. Grand Manor is a fantastic choice for homes with steep sloped roofs.

Presidential® Shingles

The Presidential line offers luxury shingles that provide the beautiful look of old-world cedar shake… for a fraction of the cost and with superior performance. Three layers of material make for the industry’s thickest, toughest, and heaviest shingle. A rich color selection makes it easy to find the perfect look for your home.

Carriage House® Shingles

Carriage House shingles offer pristine preservation of everything from the sweep of a Victorian frame to the symmetry of a Colonial gable. Meticulously crafted, Carriage House shingles feature cut-away corners with wide, dark shadow lines for a one-of-a-kind scalloped-edge natural slate look.

Stress-Free Roofing: A Roofer Worthy Of Your Home

#1: Certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster™

We’re a certified ShingleMaster with CertainTeed. CertainTeed grants this status to companies that do one of the following…

  • Employs at least one person who is qualified as a Shingle Quality Specialist™ and a Master Shingle Applicator-qualified crew
  • Completes a ShingleMaster Credential Course and employing at least one person qualified as a Master Shingle Applicator

As a ShingleMaster, we must also abide by CertainTeed’s stringent Code Of Ethics, carry proper insurance, and maintain high marks in customer satisfaction and workmanship.

Bottom line: We’re the McDonough roofer that has the skill, knowledge, and certification to install your CertainTeed roof exactly RIGHT.

#2: The Strongest Roofing Warranty In McDonough

As a certified ShingleMaster, we can provide you with CertainTeed’s best roofing warranty, the SureStart™ Plus. This includes 50 years of non-prorated coverage on shingles, materials, and workmanship, as well as protection against high-velocity winds up to 130mph.

We match CertainTeed’s manufacturer warranty with our own Labor Warranty. If you ever experience an installation-related issue, we come back and fix it—for FREE. No loopholes. No exclusions. No fine print.

#3: A Stress-Free Roof Replacement Experience

Our six Peace Of Mind Guarantees ensure you worry-proof roof replacement from start to finish.

Here’s how:

  • $0.00 Down: You don’t pay a single dime in terms of deposit. We only collect payment after we’ve completed the job to YOUR satisfaction. Find Out More…
  • Price Lock: Our quotes include the price for a COMPLETE job. Installation, haul away, dumpster, clean up, and materials are included. If we are short on materials, we’ll cover the costs. Find Out More…
  • “Oops-Proof” Protection: We’re absolutely meticulous about protecting your property… so much so that we’ll foot the bill if we damage anything. No questions. Find Out More…
  • Anniversary Inspection: Once we install your new roof, we provide regular inspections. For free. For life! Find Out More…
  • On-Time Finish: We’re such sticklers for deadlines that we’ll give you $200 for every day we go over the promised completion date. Find Out More…
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If your new roof experiences a workmanship-related issue we can’t resolve, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple! Find Out More…